Our Upcoming Workshop and the Findings of our Desktop Research - Newsletter #2

Our Upcoming Workshop and the Findings of our Desktop Research – Newsletter #2

The Building Talent project aims to reinforce artists as the most significant actors in the Cultural & Creative Sectors to increase their economic potential and competitiveness by developing skills and creating connections with those already experienced actors in the field.

The project responds to the challenges faced by young artists following the pandemic and the steadily high unemployment rates in the EU. It creates a scheme that will support young artists from 18 to 30 years old to increase their employability in the long term by building connections to the Cultural & Creative Sectors through educational frameworks.

Our Latest Activities

The Building Talent programme offers a series of 5 workshops and 4 mentoring sessions of 1 day in each country (Belgium, Greece, Latvia) to support emerging artists in their professional development. cost of 30 lorazepam

After reviewing the applications received, young artists will be selected for each country and will benefit from a hands-on approach to developing their careers.

The workshops will be delivered in September 2023.

Application Deadline: 15/8/2023

Research on Needs – Results

Building Talent Consortium conducted desk research and quantitative research for information on the economic status of artists and the state of the cultural sector at the macro level. The research was complemented by the implementation of open discussions with young and/or successful artists and cultural professionals conducted in each partner country following guidelines designed by the Belgian project partner CreaD.

A number of needs have been recognized, some of which appear to be very recurrent, while others appear to be more marginal.

The results show that it is essential to provide young artists with financial and economic management skills of their activities, which they have not learned or have learned little about during their artistic training.

Other skills, such as the managerial management of their activities or those relating to the digital aspects of their work (presentation of their work, networking, etc.) appeared to be crucial to an independent professional artistic activity and often cruelly lacking among the artists interviewed, who were condemned to learn these skills “on the job” for want of anything better.

The results and data collected helped partners to shape the Building Talent training material.

To access the newsletter, click on the following link: https://building-talent.eu/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Building-Talent_Newsletter_July-2023-1.pdf.


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