Newsletter of Building Talent

The Final Event in Latvia is not the End but the Beginning of New Initiatives! – Newsletter #9

Took place in Riga on May 10th 2024

The final event of Building Talent was organized and took place at the premises of the coordinating partner NOASS, which is a floating space for cultural production, artist gatherings, and performance presentations in Riga, Latvia.

At this event, representatives from partner organisations presented the activities, results, and project experiences in each participating country. Invited representatives from Latvia’s Cultural and Creative Sector, as well as numerous artists, showed particular interest and actively participated in the coordinated discussion that followed, asking crucial questions and sharing their own experiences.

These new experiences make us even more optimistic that the end of the project finds us more prepared than ever for the continuation of our actions in each country, always aiming to increase opportunities for the professional development of young artists.

An open discussion with great interest!

The event space was set as a pathway, where entering visitors could watch short excerpts from video interviews with experts from the Cultural and Creative Sector and young artists who participated in the project’s activities. They could download the project’s results by using QR codes placed at various points along the pathway and eventually be led to the large presentation hall of NOASS, where partner representatives presented the project’s work and progress in each country.

The immediacy and friendly atmosphere that developed throughout the event led to lengthy discussions with the guests, who stayed in the venue for quite some time, even after the event ended.

New ideas for future projects were discussed, and promises were exchanged to maintain and strengthen the connections made on that day.