Newsletter of Building Talent

Career Guidance Activities Lead to Real Career Opportunities – Newsletter #8

More than 16 workplaces in 3 countries

The last project activity to support young artists in their efforts to increase their professional opportunities in the Cultural and Creative Sector was completed beyond initial expectations.

In the three countries of the consortium (Latvia, Belgium, and Greece) dozens of contacts were made with artistic and cultural organisations, companies and organisations that can make use of the skills and creativity of young artists and the results fully justify our efforts.

In the framework of these activities, at least 16 opportunities for professional development and cooperation have been created and the next period is expected to be particularly creative and productive.

Professional opportunities per country

Visual artists exhibit their works in prestigious group exhibitions and create personal networks with galleries and collectors, a photographer opens his B2B business by creating advertising material for companies and organisatios, an actor directs his own play and presents it in two performances at a major festival in Greece, three young artists sign a contract with a major mental health organisation as trainers of creative workshops (theatre, visual arts and crafts, animation) aimed at adults with intellectual disabilities, a young musician undertakes the preparation and realization of a musical performance in Belgium while a Greek jazz artist releases her first album, and much, much more…


  • Three artists sign a contract with a mental health organisation as creative workshops trainers.
  • A photographer and video maker starts his own business.
  • A saxophonist releases her album and prepares for her tour in Greece and abroad.
  • An actor directs and presents his first play at a festival.

2. Belgium

  • A visual artist holds an exhibition in a cultural space and sells her works.
  • A singer is invited to perform her musical show at a major event.

3. Latvia

  • At least 7 different professional roles for 13 young artists in internships at a major artistic organisation in Riga.