Newsletter of Building Talent

Join us at the final event! – Newsletter #7

Where, when, why, what?

On Friday, 10th May 2024 (from 16:00 until late at night), the progress and results of the Building Talent project in Riga, Latvia, will be presented! An exciting 2-year journey is coming to an end in a celebratory way.

Representatives of partners from all consortium countries will be there to present the project’s activities and results, meet with young artists from Latvia who either participated in the project activities or will use the project’s results in the future, and talk to more than 70 stakeholders from the CCS sector in Latvia about the possibilities for further professional development of young artists.

The event will include a rich artistic program by local young artists. The highlights will be featured in the next Building Talent Newsletter, so stay tuned!

To whom is it addressed?

The Building Talent final event is open to young artists, representatives from the Cultural & Creative Sectors, Local and National Authorities, cultural organizations, foundations and associations, labor Agencies, educational organizations, youth and social organizations, established artists, and mentors.

It invites the participation of all key players in the Latvian and European artistic ecosystem!



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