Newsletter of Building Talent

Let’s go a little deeper… – Newsletter #6


Fifteen young artists from three different countries (Latvia, Belgium, Greece) who successfully completed the Building Talent training in November-December 2023 proceeded with their trainers and selected mentors to the project’s mentoring sessions.

The mentoring sessions will take place simultaneously in all three countries between March and April 2024 and aim to support the young project artists in creating their own business plans for their dream professional endeavours.

Having developed their business ideas on a solid basis, the young artists will meet with qualified and successful CCS professionals from each country to check the details of each business plan and receive specific guidance to move from theory to practice.

Realistic goals for sustainable plans

One thing that was made abundantly clear from the Building Talent training is that the professional engagement of artists with their art is not a pipe dream, nor is it only for a lucky few.

Systematic planning, knowledge of the business environment and the market, familiarity with creative tools and new technologies, and realistic goals can banish all fears and hesitations and unleash the entrepreneurial potential that lies in creative minds.

Some tips that always work:

Keep it simple, be yourself

Focus on what you want to do and set one goal at a time. Start with realistic plans and don’t worry. The success of your first goal will unfold many possibilities.

What gets measured gets done

In addition to the qualitative objectives, set numerical indicators and keep track of them. Not only will you stay on top of things, but you may even be pleasantly surprised.

You alone can do it, but you can’t do it alone

Art is to be shared, and so is your experience and your ideas. Somewhere out there are surely those who can complement you and take your idea to the next level.



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