Newsletter of Building Talent

Our Activities, Goals and Partners – Newsletter #1

The Building Talent project aims to reinforce artists as the most significant actors in the Cultural & Creative Sectors into increasing their economic potential and competitiveness by developing skills and creating connections to already experienced actors in the field.

The project responds to the challenges faced by young artists following the pandemic and the steadily high unemployment rates in the EU. It creates a scheme that will support young artists from 18 to 30 years old to increase their employability in the long term by building connections to the Cultural & Creative Sectors through educational frameworks. midazolam 9 mg



Building Talent is a European project that empowers young artists to survive in the Cultural & Creative Sectors. It cultivates innovative techniques and skills related to employment while at the same time, it raises among the experts of the sector the barriers that a career is accompanied with.

The following goals will be fulfilled:

  1. Highlight the importance art and the CCS have on local and european economy.
  2. Support the art world professionals and further diffuse their work to younger generations.
  3. Enhance expert’s inside knowledge sharing on innovative aspects of the work in the CCS.


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